Planning Your Private Charters In The New Year

A new year brings new opportunities. Why not take the opportunity to plan your private charter? 

Whether you’re looking to escape for a quick getaway or conduct business in multiple cities, be proactive and plan your charter itinerary in advance. By choosing executive air travel with Foundation Aviation, you’re choosing top-of-the-line safety, service, class, and convenience. Before you pack your bags, here are four points to consider when planning your private charters.

Why Do You Need to Fly?

Take a moment to think about why you need to fly and the amenities you’re expecting. This will help determine which aircraft is best suited for your needs. Consider the following:

  • Length of destination stay
  • Specific travel dates and their flexibility – or lack thereof 
  • Fly last minute or plan in advance
  • Charter budget
  • Amount of luggage 
  • Nonstop flights or multiple stops
  • Standing room cabin or sitting flight 

Determine the plan you’ll need and how you want to charter. When you consult with one of our representatives, they will explain all the details to ensure your travel experience is seamless from takeoff to touchdown.

Benefits of Charter Flights

Charter flights differ from commercial flights for countless reasons. One of the most popular is expedited security checks. Rather than braving long lines and busy security staff for a commercial flight, you will enjoy a quick VIP security check for just you, or any accompanying guests and immediately prepare for boarding. No need to check bags or worry about losing your luggage – it’s with you when you board the aircraft.

Some other conveniences and heightened safety measures you can expect: 

  • Arrive as little as 20 minutes before departure. 
  • Where available, be greeted by a rep and relax in a VIP lounge.
  • Where available, directly driving to your aircraft and complimentary parking. 
  • Private terminal located away from the main passenger terminals. 
  • Beverages and snacks before boarding in the lounge. 
  • A short drive or walk will lead you to your aircraft when you can board – no need to hurry across the airport.
  • Ultimate safety, value, convenience, and flexibility. 
  • Your guests, your schedule, your destination – not sharing a flight with 200 strangers. 
  • Fewer luggage restrictions; bring your scooter, alcohol, or family pet. 
  • Enjoy a long weekend away or do business in multiple cities. 
  • Enhanced accessibility – 10x as many airports are available to corporate jets. 
  • Minimal to no delays. And if you’re running late, we’ll wait for you. We’re ready when you are. 

In addition to all these benefits, you have the privilege to know exactly which aircraft you’ll be boarding upon booking. Your trip, your aircraft, your choice. No need to worry about shuffling aircraft like commercial flights.

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Get to Know the Fleet.

View our fleet page for all the latest details on our aircraft. Below are terms to familiarize yourself with and to help determine which charter you should choose. 

  • Turboprop – Short distances and fuel efficiency. 30 minutes – 2-hour flights with 8 passengers max.
  • Light – Short distances. Fast, small, and economical. 2.5 hrs flights 6-7 passengers.
  • Medium – Popular business stable. Inflight work is possible. Spacious, coast-to-coast flights from 2 to 5 hours; 5-10 passengers.
  • Super-medium – Sleeping accommodations available. fast, fuel-efficient and supports intercontinental range ideal for 5+ hours, a maximum of 8-10 passengers. This is a great option for inclement weather. 
  • Heavy – Ultimate luxury; 6000+ miles. range 5-8 hours; 10-18 passengers.
  • Ultra Long Range – Up to 16 passengers; 12+ hours global ultra-long. Features domestic and internal Wi-Fi, and can sleep or “berth” 6 passengers. 

Our falcon aircraft is one of our most enjoyed amongst guests. With Wi-Fi and a forward gallery, you’ll enjoy a spacious atmosphere and never miss the internet. Accommodating up to 10 passengers, feel free to bring just yourself, a special friend, or a group of guests. With a range of 3120NM, enjoy a short trip, conduct business in multiple cities, or experience a long-range getaway. 

Reach out for questions with individual capabilities.  

Now that you’ve gotten to know the fleet, let’s explore what goes into financing your private flight.


Multiple factors influence the cost of California private charters. The longevity of the flight crew and hourly rates are two of the largest drivers of flight costs.

To enjoy a high level of safety and convenience, executive air travel companies must ensure that their fleets are in top condition. This care includes routine maintenance, fuel, and wear and tear on the engine.

With VIP flights, Foundation Aviation takes pride in managing every plane and charter schedule with attention to detail. All of our pilots are experienced and are paid accordingly for the trip.

Having an extended stay? You may incur lodging fees for our pilots if they stay overnight.

It’s important to remember that airports charge fees to receive, store, and manage private planes. Domestic charter flights and their planes are taxed by the US government. All of these rates vary by country and make up the average charter cost. Take care to ask your representative if these fees are included in the cost of your charter flights.

After reviewing the pricing, you’ll want to know how to choose a company. With so many out there, how do you know?

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Choosing a Charter Company

There are several means to book executive air travel, such as brokers, fixed fleet operators, or jet cards. With a fixed fleet operator like Foundation Aviation, you can enjoy regular flight crews that get to know you and your needs, flight personalization, and most importantly enhanced safety. Our core values of honesty, integrity, respect, teamwork and a competitive spirit are woven into every aspect of our business, bringing you an unmatched positive experience in California charter flights. 

Choose a company that has safety as a top priority. We adhere to FAA ratings and safety standards and pride ourselves on industry-leading technology to maintain aircraft readiness at all times.

Always book with a safety certified company. Foundation Aviation is NBAA accredited, Wyvern Registered, and ARGUS Gold company, and upholds the utmost safety standards. This means that we don’t just tick the boxes of safety standards, we exceed the required standard.

Foundation Aviation constantly strives to be a world-class organization that enhances safety, security, and professionalism. It’s our business to provide operational assistance to our members and our responsibility to shape public policy with integrity. Feel free to confirm these aviation safety ratings before booking. 

Ready to book or just have questions? Contact us! We’re here to assist with your needs and make every flight flawless.

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