Brian Rogers

Chief Pilot

Brian loved aviation growing up in an Air Force family, where his father was a pilot. Attending Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Brian completed the flight program, receiving a flight instructor certificate. After graduating from SIUC, he moved to Chicago and began an instructing career with American Flyers. After only six months in Chicago, he was asked to move to Cleveland and run their school at Burke Lakefront Airport, where the local FSDO approved him to have examining authority at the school. 

Brian started in corporate aviation in 1999 in a variety of aircraft, including King Airs, Citations, Hawkers, and Learjets. During that time, he spent several years flying the Embraer E120 Brasilia for college sports teams and other charters before creating a charter operation. The process was extremely educational, and Brian spent several years as the director of operations and chief pilot at the company before selling the company to an entity owned by Tim Lomakin in Florida.  

Tim and Brian continued to work side by side at the company, turning it into one of the country’s largest charter operators. 

Brian began working at Foundation Aviation in September 2023 as a PIC on the Falcon 2000 and is proudly stepping back into a management role alongside Tim Lomakin and the team at Foundation Aviation.

When not flying as a line pilot, Brian spends time with his wife, who also works in aviation as an engineer at Collins Aerospace. 

They both enjoy time with their two rescue Greyhounds and riding their two beloved horses, Cash and Pi.

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