Cole Hambright

Charter Sales Associate

Cole Hambright is an aviation enthusiast who has dedicated his life to the world of flight. His journey into aviation began early while watching planes take off and land from the parking lot of the same Fullerton Municipal Airport flight school where he would later obtain his private pilot license at eighteen years old. Cole is a Certified Flight Instructor and possesses single and multi-engine commercial ratings he earned at twenty-one years old.

Over the years, Cole has embraced a variety of roles, each contributing to his well-roundedness in the industry. From pumping aviation gasoline, managing the flight operations at a flight school, and providing flight instruction in Hawaii, he has gained insights into the adventurous and meticulous aspects of aviation. Outside of the cockpit, he quickly excelled in sales while working as an Affiliate Real Estate Broker in Nashville, Tennessee. That position led Cole to Foundation Aviation, where he combined his years of formal education and experience in aviation with his communication and customer service skills.

Cole’s educational journey transpired at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he earned a bachelor of science in aeronautics, complemented by minors in management and unmanned aerial systems, expanding his industry knowledge base.

Outside of aviation, Cole finds inspiration in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and relaxation in raising Bonsai trees. Cole is pleased to contribute to the aviation community and beyond, applying his skills and passion as Foundation Aviation’s Charter Sales Associate.

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