Nigel Patton

Director of Maintenance

For Nigel Patton, aviation is more than just a career—it’s a passion. As Director of Maintenance at Foundation Aviation, he brings with him a degree from Trade College Redstone Aviation School and nearly three decades experience in the aviation industry. Employed by Delta and United Airlines early in his career, he earned his A&P license in 2009 and has worked on corporate jets ever since.

An integral part of the Foundation Aviation team, Nigel daily ensures all aircraft are safe for flight and all documentation meets FAA standards. A man blessed with a mechanical mind, Nigel takes joy in understanding how jet propulsion has evolved over the decades and employing that knowledge to maintain the complex machinery aviation depends upon. Playing such a key role in the beauty of flight brings him a great deal of satisfaction, as does the opportunity to work with the remarkable people he encounters daily in the industry.

Married with three kids, in his free time Nigel enjoys glamping with family and friends. A motorcycle enthusiast, he loves going for a ride on his street and dirt bikes.

Looking to the future, Nigel has long-term goals with Foundation Aviation, hoping to grow with the company until he’s ready to retire. “I’m all-in with Foundation,” he says. “It’s easy to say that when you find a team just as committed to being the best at what they do as I am.”

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