Caring for the Customer

In this video, our CEO Timothy Lomakin shares a profound perspective that encapsulates the essence of Foundation Aviation’s mission: “You can’t put a price tag on human value. We are not just doing a transaction; we’re doing this to engage in long-term relationships with our customers. We’re in this for the long haul,” he emphasizes. […]

Foundation Aviation Soars Bicoastal, Setting New Heights in Client Service

Foundation Aviation is thrilled to announce its transformation into an official bicoastal operation. The latest expansion brings our prestigious aviation services to Stuart, Florida, where we have recently taken management of a brand-new GV aircraft. This development marks a significant milestone, fortifying our presence on both the East and West Coasts, and propelling us to […]

Video Message: Where Dedication Soars Higher than the Skies

In the world of aviation, success often hinges on one’s ability to navigate the unpredictable and the unknown. Our CEO Timothy Lomakin draws a striking parallel between the demanding world of aviation and the rigorous discipline of CrossFit in a recent message. Through this comparison, he reveals the core values and mindset that drive him […]

Discover the Heart and Soul of Foundation Aviation

“Foundation Aviation is one of the newest charter operators out there, and yet, as we grow, we are writing our own love story of aviation. What is that story? It’s a story in large part about our team and bringing up the next generation of professional aviators. We are a small business built around a […]

Get to Know Our Fleet

Whether for business or leisure – or a combination of the two – private jet charters are becoming increasingly popular because of the comfort, flexibility, safety, and privacy they offer. Our on-demand private jet charter services provide you with reliable and efficient transportation to your domestic or international destination. With our diversified fleet, we ensure […]

Planning Your Private Charters In The New Year

A new year brings new opportunities. Why not take the opportunity to plan your private charter?  Whether you’re looking to escape for a quick getaway or conduct business in multiple cities, be proactive and plan your charter itinerary in advance. By choosing executive air travel with Foundation Aviation, you’re choosing top-of-the-line safety, service, class, and […]

Foundation Aviation Welcomes New Director of Charter Sales

Foundation Aviation is pleased to announce that Pat Diaz joined the team on February 1 as our new Director of Charter Sales. Pat brings a rare passion for aviation and nearly two decades of experience in the industry to Foundation. In his role, Pat will oversee our sales process for retail and wholesale clients. For […]

Meet the Foundation Aviation Team Gary Geis and Jim Eliason

James (Jim) Eliason – Chief Pilot James (Jim) Eliason inherited his love of aviation from his father, a part-time flight instructor. Before he was old enough to learn to fly himself, Jim built model aircraft and even assembled a small radio so he could listen to transmissions from flight crews passing overhead. Every chance he […]

Lower the Cost of Private Jet Ownership with the Right Charter Management Team

At Foundation Aviation, we understand the dream—and the costs—of private jet ownership. When we partner with owners and provide our charter management services, we understand that management done right offers one of the most effective ways to lower the costs of ownership.  For many, private jet ownership is a lifelong dream. Those who have achieved […]

Beyond the Cabin: The Hidden Comforts of Flying With Foundation Aviation

Long associated with luxurious travel, charter flights offer a level of in-cabin convenience, comfort, and service that commercial airlines can’t touch. Updated aircraft with comfortable seating, personalized cuisine, advanced communication tech, and various entertainment options create a superior alternative to the commercial experience with its crowded cabins and spotty Wi-Fi. It is understandable that clients […]