Benefits of On-Demand Private Charter for Executive Air Travel

When people think of flying, they typically think of a commercial aircraft. But the hustle and bustle of an airport isn’t always the best option for individuals and businesses. For organizations that have complex timelines and tightly packed schedules, choosing a charter flight is often more convenient for a number of reasons.

If you’ve never considered a private flight with Foundation Aviation, here’s what you need to know about the advantages we offer you and your business.

What Is An On-Demand Private Charter?

Unlike commercial aviation, which has a regular route and fixed departure and arrival locations, a charter flight is not a part of a predetermined schedule. As a private flight, you select where you stop, when you leave, and a number of other factors making the flight a highly personalized experience

Who Uses On-Demand Private Charters?

In short, an on-demand private charter is for anyone. Whether for personal or professional use, a private flight has benefits you don’t get on a commercial flight. However, on-demand private charters commonly appeal to businesses, corporations, and organizations. This is especially true in situations where multiple staff members need to travel to the same location at the same time, or in contexts where personal schedules don’t allow for the rigid timeline of commercial aircraft, chartering a private plane can allow more flexibility and comfort for everyone onboard.

Advantages of Using An On-Demand Private Charter

On-demand private charter offers multiple benefits. From the time you leave to the type of food offered in flight, you have far more customization and flexibility to make your experience comfortable and even memorable.


On commercial flights, passengers are packed in with little to no room to have a private conversation. While this may not be a problem in certain circumstances, many people find it easier to conduct business on a private flight. You choose who joins you on the plane—from coworkers, clients, or family—so there’s no fear of someone overhearing your private conversations.

This is particularly beneficial when discussing sensitive or confidential business information. For some industries, privacy is vital. On a charter flight, you can utilize your flight time to your advantage, rather than waiting to reach your destination to talk business.


Flying private offers far more flexibility in your travel plans. From the get-go, private planes often have more availability, so you can charter a flight with shorter notice. 

Since a chartered flight is not tied to a commercial airline schedule, you have more flexibility with departure times. Need to make a stop at another location to pick someone up? That’s possible. Have another commitment that throws a wrench in your plans? You can reschedule your flight so you don’t miss it.

Private charters have access to far more terminals than your standard commercial plane. While commercial airlines operate out of about 550 airports in the United States, charter flights operate out of thousands.


Flying charter is great for practical reasons, but it’s also just a lot more comfortable! You get space to spread out with plenty of legroom and have access to a crew dedicated solely to your comfort. Keep the cabin at the perfect temperature, play music without headphones, and choose a specialized menu that caters to your preferences.

Many charter planes also have luxury features such as fully stocked liquor cabinet, queen-sized beds for longer flights, and more. You’ll walk away with a truly memorable flight experience.


Avoid having to arrive early to get through an invasive security check and wade through crowds of travelers. With an on-demand private charter, you can often go directly from the car to the plane, with your own private boarding area to evade the hoards of people.

Additionally, you don’t have to deal with layovers or the lengthy routes of commercial planes. As long as the route is legal, you can travel it, which can cut hours off your travel time.

Chartering a private plane offers a variety of benefits unavailable when flying commercially. To learn more about on-demand private charters or to schedule a flight, contact us today. We are eager to help make your next trip a memorable one.

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