Plane Ownership: Why & When to Buy

Aircraft Ownership

By Timothy Lomakin, Founder and CEO

At Foundation Aviation, we pride ourselves not just on the unparalleled service we provide but also on our commitment to honesty, transparency, and the long-term financial growth of our clients. As the owner of Foundation Aviation, I want to share why owning a plane is not just a luxury but a strategic investment—that I’ve personally made—and how our unique approach sets us apart in the private charter space.

Our Distinct Advantage

One of the differences between Foundation Aviation and others in the charter industry is our pricing model. We diverge from the norm by not upselling services, including standard maintenance parts, fuel, and mechanical services. It’s a direct pass-through. Our earnings are solely from a modest 10 percent commission on charters, significantly less than the industry standard. This policy is designed to maximize the benefits for the owner, ensuring unnecessary charges don’t erode profitability. Our success is directly tied to yours, underscoring our commitment to a partnership where we thrive together.

Overcoming the Objection of Plane Ownership

The leap into plane ownership might seem daunting. Once you’ve calculated the cost and time of chartering (or flying commercial), the landscape changes when you consider the personal usage and financial benefits. If you’re flying more than 100 hours a year, the path to ownership becomes very clear. Ownership offsets these costs with charter revenue and provides significant tax advantages. It’s a move from spending to investing in an asset that not only serves your immediate needs but appreciates in value with proper management. 

Five Reasons to Consider Aircraft Ownership and Management with Foundation Aviation

  1. Significant Private Flying: If your annual private flying exceeds 100 hours, ownership supersedes chartering and commercial, both in convenience and financial logic.
  2. Essential Mobility for Business: For those needing to navigate multiple global locations efficiently, owning a private jet saves invaluable time—turning what could be days into hours.
  3. Tax Benefits: Aircraft ownership can offer significant tax advantages, allowing businesses to write off depreciation and invest in their growth rather than incurring higher tax liabilities.
  4. Privacy and Comfort: High-net-worth individuals and celebrities can enjoy the privacy and comfort of their aircraft, free from public intrusion and with the luxury of confidentiality.
  5. Pure Enjoyment: Beyond the financial and practical benefits, owning a plane is an unparalleled experience, offering freedom and luxury unmatched by any other mode of travel.

Foundation Aviation: A Partner in Your Journey

Our mission at Foundation Aviation goes beyond providing private charter services. We are here to ensure the journey to aircraft ownership is smooth, transparent, and beneficial at every turn. From purchase to management, we stand by our commitment to integrity, quality, and partnership. We invite you to experience the skies like never before with a trusted partner that values your success as our own.

Owning a plane with Foundation Aviation is a smart, strategic investment that pays dividends in time saved, privacy maintained, and financial benefits realized. Let us guide you through the skies, where your needs set the course, and our expertise lights the way.

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