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Whether for business or leisure – or a combination of the two – private jet charters are becoming increasingly popular because of the comfort, flexibility, safety, and privacy they offer.

Our on-demand private jet charter services provide you with reliable and efficient transportation to your domestic or international destination. With our diversified fleet, we ensure that you always have the best option for your trip.

As a FAR Part 135 Air Carrier (Certificate #FAVA733Q) and ARGUS Gold Operator, we are in full compliance with all Federal Aviation Administration safety standards, as well as the 3rd party auditor, such as ARGUS/Wyvern requirements.

Here is a brief look at our fleet. Our aircraft are available to fly from any of our four locations: Santa Ana and Long Beach, California; Nashville, Tennessee; and Stuart, Florida.

Gulfstream V

The GV is one of the most well-known, long-range passenger private jets designed to travel in spacious luxury and in record time. Over the years, the iconic aircraft has also become renowned for its long-term performance and reliability. Foundation Aviation’s GV can fly more than 650 miles per hour and can reach an altitude of 51,000 feet. A range of 6,500 nautical miles means the GV can fly nonstop from Los Angeles to Beijing or Tokyo.

Our GV’s interior cabin is spacious, bright, and inviting, giving passengers plenty of room to move around in comfort. Gulfstream utilized the extra room to create three distinct cabin zones and a 266 ft³ luggage hold at the back of the plane.

Our aircraft’s amenities include separate lavatories for passengers and crew, a full-sized galley, power outlets, fold-out tables for work and dining, wi-fi and multimedia entertainment systems. Despite the GV’s powerful engines, the cabin is quiet and ideal for overnight long-haul flights.


Make: Gulfstream Aerospace

Model: V

Model Year: 2002

Max Speed: 652 mph

Max Seating: 9-16

Range: 6,500 nautical miles

Cabin Height: 6 ft, 1 in

Cabin Width: 7 ft, 3 in

Cabin Length: 50 ft, 10 in

Volume: 226 cubic ft

Falcon 2000EX EASy II

This high-performance, long-range aircraft offers all the benefits that made its predecessors great, including economy, speed, and a roomy cabin. The newer model includes an upgraded flight deck, which improves situational awareness for the pilot and enhances safety. Foundation Aviation’s 2000EX EASy II has a maximum range of approximately 3,900 nautical miles and a top speed of 462 mph. The aircraft, which was refurbished in 2020, offers wi-fi, a full-service galley, an entertainment system, and a private lavatory. It can accommodate up to 10 passengers.


Make: Dassault

Model: 2000EX EASy II

Model Year: 2008

Max Speed: 462 mph

Max Seating: 10

Range: 3,915 nautical miles

Cabin Height: 6 ft, 2 in

Cabin Width: 7 ft, 7 in

Cabin Length: 26 ft, 5 in

Volume: 131 cubic ft

Dassault Falcon 2000

This long range, midsize business jet offers the perfect combination of luxury and efficiency. The aircraft has a range of up to 3,120 nautical miles at a top speed of 574 mph and can accommodate up to 10 passengers. Refurbished in 2018, it comes fully equipped with many of the features and amenities expected from today’s discerning business traveler: wi-fi, leather club seating, a full-service galley, private lavatory, and berthable seats.


Make: Dassault

Model: 2000

Model Year: 2001

Max Speed: 574 mph

Max Seating: 10

Range: 3,120 nautical miles

Cabin Height: 6 ft, 2 in

Cabin Width: 7 ft, 7 in

Cabin Length: 31 ft, 2 in

Volume: 134 cubic ft

Hawker 900XP

This midsize aircraft offers a range of up to 2,572 nautical miles and a maximum speed of 512 mph. It is ideal for domestic travel, including coast-to-coast trips, due to its fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, and comfort. The aircraft’s cabin is over 600 cubic feet, one of the largest in its class. Features include wi-fi, an entertainment center, refreshment center with mini bar, aft galley, aft lavatory, fully berthable seats, and plenty of in-cabin storage. The cabin accommodates up to six passengers.


Make: Hawker Beechcraft

Model: 900XP

Model Year: 2007

Max Speed: 512 mph

Max Seating: 6

Range: 2,572 nautical miles

Cabin Height: 5 ft, 7 in

Cabin Width: 6 ft, 0 in

Cabin Length: 21 ft, 3 in

Volume: 50 cubic ft.

Foundation Aviation’s diversified fleet offers tailored luxury travel experiences for every need. From the long-range Gulfstream V to the efficient and cozy Hawker 900XP, we’ve got the perfect jet to get you where you’re going in comfort and style. Whether you’re flying cross-country or crossing continents, your ideal journey starts here.

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