Lower the Cost of Private Jet Ownership with the Right Charter Management Team

At Foundation Aviation, we understand the dream—and the costs—of private jet ownership. When we partner with owners and provide our charter management services, we understand that management done right offers one of the most effective ways to lower the costs of ownership. 

For many, private jet ownership is a lifelong dream. Those who have achieved that dream know the many benefits: the luxurious cabins and amenities, the ease, convenience, and privacy that commercial flight simply can’t match. Owners also know that the perks come with significant costs. For prospective buyers, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of weighing the benefits against the costs before making such a serious investment. 

Having helped many clients achieve more cost-effective ownership, Foundation Aviation takes pride in knowing we played a part in making their dreams a reality. Here’s how FA helps owners save money on their aircraft ownership: 

  • Owner-focused charter

Foundation Aviation’s charter management provides private jet owners with a cost-effective way to manage their aircraft. Owners retain full control over scheduling to ensure they fly when needed, and Foundation puts aircraft to use when they would otherwise sit idle in a hangar. This generates revenue that offsets the costs of ownership. Foundation keeps the process hands-off for owners, managing all aspects of the flight, including crew, maintenance, insurance, and marketing. 

  • No mark-up maintenance  

Critical to the safe operation of any aircraft, maintenance costs can quickly add up. Foundation Aviation takes a hand-on approach to managing aircraft maintenance, and we keep costs low by charging zero markups on parts. By employing a second-to-none maintenance team, we ensure that all inspections and repairs are completed on time and within budget. 

  • Smart fuel sourcing

One of the largest expenses associated with aircraft ownership is fuel costs which can add up just as fast as maintenance costs if not faster. FA has worked hard to develop relationships with fuel suppliers, something that allows us to negotiate lower fuel prices for our clients. Additionally, by using up-to-date fuel management software to monitor fuel consumption and optimize fuel usage, we help owners reduce fuel costs even further. 

  • Value-driven insurance 

Aircraft insurance creates a significant expense for aircraft owners, and Foundation Aviation helps owners obtain the best coverage at the most competitive rates. Capitalizing on relationships we have formed with numerous insurance providers, we negotiate on behalf of our clients to ensure they receive the best value for their insurance dollars. 

  • Experienced crews and next-level concierge service

Hiring and managing a flight crew can become a time-consuming and expensive process for owners. When Foundation Aviation partners with our clients, we take the burden off their shoulders by providing our own team of experienced pilots and crew members. We save clients time and money by handling all aspects of crew management: training, scheduling, compensation, and ensuring that your plane is always ready to fly. More than that, we create next-level convenience with our highly personalized concierge service and rapid response to owners’ texts, phone calls, and emails. 

  • Sophisticated financial oversight

Proper financial management is critical to ensuring the long-term sustainability of your aircraft. We work with our clients to develop comprehensive financial plans that take into account all aspects of aircraft ownership, including maintenance, fuel, insurance, crew, and tax depreciation. By taking a proactive approach to financial management, we can help you avoid unexpected expenses and maximize the value of your investment. 

At Foundation Aviation, we understand that the dream of aircraft ownership can be a significant achievement. With proper management, we believe that the benefits of private aircraft ownership far outweigh the costs. Our expert team helps make the dream a reality by providing clients with the highest level of service and support, ensuring that their ownership experience is as cost-effective and enjoyable as possible. 

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